Performance analysis and improvements

Hey interested reader,

We have started a recurrent meeting to discuss and share progress on means to improve JupyterLab performance:

Meeting notes are archived on GitHub

Initial post:

There are known issues with dealing with large notebooks. In Switching to a big notebook in a tab is slow · Issue #4292 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub, @mlucool proposed to setup a community meeting on the subject. This is a great idea. So let’s discuss here the details on when to meet as summer is a hard time to get people to gather.


Thx for the initiative. I am also based in CET with a quite free agenda in general.

Does right after the jupyterlab meeting on August 4th? (~1pm EST) work for people? This way others may choose to stay as well.

CC @Zsailer in case you are interested.

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@mlucool, thank you for the ping. August 4th works for me. I’ve added it to my calendar.

August 4th after the jupyterlab meeting works for me also.

August 4th is good to me too. @Zsailer could you set up the meeting with the community account so interested people can easily join?

@fcollonval, Done :sunglasses:. I’ve added it the the main Jupyter calendar. Here is the link: Google Calendar - Sign in to Access & Edit Your Schedule

Thanks a lot @Zsailer

Could you replace the zoom by the Google Meet link below? Afshin reminded me there is the accessibility meeting at that time on the Jupyter Zoom - forget about that :s

Wednesday, August 4 · 7:00 – 8:00pm CET
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:

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Hi @fcollonval, will this meeting focus mostly on the specific performance problem around large notebooks or would we also have a chance to discuss Jupyterlab/jupyter-server performance improvements in general?

Hey @mwakaba2 the meeting will target the front end performance issue.
But if you want, we have also interest in improving situation on the server side. I’m not personally looking into that but I can put you in touch with interested parties.

Gotcha. That’s ok. I can bring up any server related performance improvements during the weekly jupyter-server zoom meeting or via github issues.

Sure that will allow interested people to discuss it :+1:

@fcollonval thanks for organizing the monthly notebook performance meeting! I’d be interested in joining. What do I need to do to stay in the loop?


A recurrent meeting (every 4 weeks) have be set up starting on September 1st at 10am PT (see Jupyter Community Calendar).

The meeting is on Jupyter Zoom.

The notes are on HackMD and archived on GitHub.

Feel free to attend.