OS users and JH not linked at all by password?

Hi there!

I create an user on JH and then log in there with it uses I set up some local OS user with some password. For example, it will be anuser:anpassword.
But when I try to su on OS for jupyter-anuser and enter anpassword I got access denied.
So the question is password that was set for JH user is not the same as for the same local user? Why?

Tnank you!

P.S. I’m using TLJH.

TLJH uses firstuseauthenticator or nativeauthenticator, not the system password database. To use that, you would want to switch to PAM:

c.JupyterHub.authenticator_class = 'pam'

after which, you would need to make sure to create all users and passwords with the standard system mechanisms before login can occur.