JH user manager for a classroom

Dear Sirs,

I’ve run over some tutorials and related discussions but still have some question about creating and login JH users.
We are palnning to involve, let us say, some JH user manager for our classroom who is not familiar with Linux terminal stuff (creating users, setting passwords, etc) and manage their work through a browser only.

So, the questions are the following:

  1. Is there a way somehow to create users from JH Admin control and set from there (via browser) their passwords without invloving Linux terminal?
  2. Let assume you need to examine homework of your 50+ students working on JH. To do this you need to know all their passwords to get into their Jupyter’s. Is there a way to switch to an user from admin user without knowing their password? If it is not possible what would be a rational solution for this case please?
  3. Users password stored in JH and users system passwords - they could be different? Does JH use own DB for users passwords?

Thank you very much!

P.S. We use JupyterHub 1.5.0 20220926070330 installed via TLJH.