Open multiple notebooks with nbgitpuller

I’m distributing nbgitpuller links and I’d like them to open up more than one notebook in JupyterLab. Is there a way of specifying this in the nbgitpuller link or a round about way specifying this in a workspace associated with an nbgitpuller link?

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I think this exists with workspaces for Binder. And that may guide you in things to try to combine it in with nbgitpuller. It would be nice to have a demonstration to point you at but the sections here seem to reference it as possible but stop short of showing it:

We would like to be able to launch JupyterLab from a binder deployment with a specific layout. For instance, the repository authors may want to open a particular file or notebook, or they may want to display a custom widget, or pull up some helpful documentation. That way, when the user or student opens the binder, they immediately are shown the most useful information.
JupyterLab provides functionality to store layouts as JSON files on disk which allow for state restoration. These layout files (called workspaces) can be specified via URL, and can be used to specify demo layouts.

This demo used the default workspace (which is shown when you navigate to /lab ), but it is also possible to import to named workspaces, which may be useful if your repository wants to use several different layouts.

I haven’t sorted it out myself fully yet, but I think based on here, you’d point to your named workspace .json file after the /lab part of the Binder link.

Then if that works, it may guide you in trying some things with nbgitpuller.

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Thanks for that suggestion - that example is much more clear than the current JupyterLab documentation on urls/workspaces.

I think it could work for us if we were configuring workspaces for existing users, but in our case, these would be new users without home directories.

At the moment we’re simply putting a link to the 2nd notebook in the nbgitpuller notebook with instructions telling users to click it.

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