One-click JupyterHub K8s deployment on Gitlab

I haven’t tried this yet, but Gitlab just released a new major version and they’ve added JupyterHub with jupyterlab-git as a GitLab Managed App:

This is the Gitlab issue:
Could be worth seeing if there’s anything useful that could be added to the Z2JH deployment or docs?

I think they use the z2jh chart for their hub deployment. Worth checking also which version they use.

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Yepp! I’ve tried it once a while back, it worked :smiley:

I think they use 0.8.2 or similar as I helped out a bit with gitlab authenticator at that point in time. This Z2JH deployment can be one-click installed in k8s clusters coupled to GitLab projects, but I don’t think it can be added to k8s clusters coupled to GitLab Groups or a GitLab instance yet due to some work to get the authentication fully functional.

I love GitLab :blush:

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@consideRatio did you try it on directly?

Connecting to an existing Kubernetes cluster seems to be working fine. However the JupyterHub button stays disabled:

Ah, just had to wait a few more minutes for the ingress to be installed and ready.

Here is a quick screencast for those interested in knowing what the workflow looks like:


Oooooh I really love when there is some GIF animation or video to really show what something is about. Thank you @jtp!

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Need a place to save the following links for easy lookup, posting them here for reference:

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