Notebooks inconsistently slow on network drive

This is a corporate machine so I a limited in my set-up and configuration, but i’ll describe my problem and my set-up to see if anything is to blame:

Problem: The notebook interface is often slow when launching them from a network drive. I have a corporate shared network drive mapped to S: from which I need to launch notebooks.

When launching a notebook from the default C: it all works fine, the interface is very quick. Sometimes it is also quick when launching from S:. However, randomly and very often without warning, it is cripplingly slow when launched from the S: directory. By slow I mean 20-30 seconds to navigate up or down a level in the file directory and to load a notebook. Once the notebook is loaded, running it is fine.

The network drive itself is fine, and navigating the file directory inside windows explorer shows no issue with the connection. So it is a jupyter only problem for me.

Set Up:
I have Anaconda installed “for this user only”, rather than “for all users” - this is a work around which allows me to install packages without needing admin rights as I am not an admin on this machine. Jupyter notebook was installed through anaconda.

My only work around at the minute is to keep notebooks on my C: drive and reference the files I need to open or save in my s: drive with the full file reference. This works but I would like to get to the bottom of why it sometimes works quickly and sometimes doesn’t.

I appreciate this is pretty vague and I’m unlikely to get an answer but perhaps someone else has come across the same thing. Thanks.