Unusably Slow after upgrade to 3.2.5


Just did an upgrade to 3.2.5 on Mac OSX 12.1. Previously working fine. Using Safari. Now it is too slow for use. After it finally loads I click on file menu and it takes over 30 sec for the menu to show up.

A previous notebook was loaded and if I scroll down the new sections do not render.

Solutions, next steps?

Hi! You’ve tagged this topic as JupyterHub but I presume you actually mean JupyterLab or Jupyter notebook? Or some other package?

You are correct it is meant to be tagged as Jupyterlab.

I have done some additional troubleshooting. I ran jupyter server list from the terminal and found 3 servers running. I did not know how to shut them down from the terminal so I did a system restart and verified that no servers were running after restart. I then launched jupyterlab from anaconda navigator and it started up normally and was responsive. I checked in thermal again and found only 1 jupyter server running as is to be expected. So I am guessing that was the root cause of the issue, though I do not know how multiple copies of the server got launched. I am very diligent about stopping the server when I am done with jupyterlab.


Does it happen with any particular notebook (e.g. a heavy notebook/notebook with a lot of math/latex formulas), or also when no notebook/file is open?


Since restarting and validating that only one jupyter server is running, I have not seen the problem reoccur. Mu guess that the multiple servers running was the root cause. I think we can list this issue as closed. I wanted to post my resolution if someone else runs into the issue.