Notebook extension for dyslexic and visual accessibility

We are a team of MSc students from University College London (UCL) working on the accessibility of Jupyter Notebooks. We are looking at creating some extensions which focus on accessibility for people with dyslexia or colour blindness. We are thinking of working on the following five extensions:

Text format toolbar - A toolbar which allows users to change the text size, colour, spacing etc. to make the text as readable/accessible as possible for users
Code spell checker - Live syntax checking of code as the user types underlining when a syntax error has occurred
Voice control - Allow some commonly used functionality such as running a notebook, restarting the kernel etc. be carried out using voice control
Planner - a planner that is displayed down the side of a page allowing the user to plan out and write notes about their notebook
Accessible themes - various themes such as high contrast which will make the notebook more easily readable

We have created a prototype which can be seen here: Our Prototype

It would be great if anyone could give us some feedback about these ideas and whether they are feasible.


This is really cool, thanks for working on this! Check out some of the other threads in this channel, as there are others thinking about and working on a11y issues in the Jupyter ecosystem as well, perhaps you can find some support or advice there.

We have been working on this over the past few months and are closed to finishing. Here is a link to our current progress: Accessibility Toolbar. More details can be found on our GitHub fork at: Our Fork.

Any feedback is welcome!

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This looks nice!

Do you have instructions for how I can install just the accessibility toolbar extension? I had a quick look at your repository which is a fork of an extension to manage extensions or some such? Maybe someone could put together a Binder to show it off so people can try it directly.

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We have moved our Nbextension to its own repo, with easy to follow setup instructions. This can be found at:

Any feedback is welcome!

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