Not possible to "talk" to the AI unit in Jupyter Notebooks

I think the headline says it all. A few days ago, I was able to communicate with the AI unit in Jupyter Notebooks, but not any longer. I’m talking about the input field where it says “Or start a chat without Notebook context here…”
Have I run out of “credits”? I think not since I, today, just started a paid subscription.
Thanks in advance!

What is the AI unit you are speaking of? Is it an open source solution, or a proprietary client? The string “Or start a chat without Notebook context here…” does not come from jupyter-ai so it seems like you might be running a proprietary extension in which case it is a hard ask for community to help (especially without naiming it).


Hi and thanks for your input!

I am talking about the Anaconda Assistant and the chat field with which I am supposed communicate with this assistant. Now, however, I can’t write in this chat field, which is a shame. I like to ask the unit questions about my code and other things having to do with Jupyter Notebooks. Isn’t this AI? It sure as hell seems like it to me.



Anaconda Assistant is developed by Anaconda, not by the Jupyter community. I am afraid that the Jupyter community cannot help here much, unless someone happens to use it and be pretty knowledgable with it.
However, you may be interested in GitHub - jupyterlab/jupyter-ai: A generative AI extension for JupyterLab (which is a separate project from Anaconda Assistant, and that one is maintained by the Jupyter community).

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Ok, thanks!