No Kernel, WinError 2 for SAS Notebook in JupyterLab


Please accept my apology for posting here after posting it to SAS Support Comminities. subject.

This is regarding an error (i.e., No Kernel) I have encountered when starting a new SAS Notebook (using licensed SAS 9.4M6, not the University edition), from the Launcher in JupyterLab. After finding no kernel, when the SAS kernel is selected, I get the “Error Starting Kernel”: FileNotFoundError: [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified.

Despite the error noted above, I have been able to start a python notebook, running python code, SASPy, the cell magic like %%SAS followed by the SAS code fragment using Python kernel.

Here is some background information. I have installed Anaconda distribution of Python as well as Jupyter Lab. I have modified the saspy configuration file and also added the path to sspiauth.dll to the system PATH variable. I have also verified that the two files (saspy2j.class and are in the pyiom folder.

Any help toward resolving the issue would be appreciated.