No Code Data Science

I’m curious if there is an extension package that allows for no-code programming. Like Knime, users can drag python functions like a symbol and build their own Workflow. Like Figure below:

(This figure is from Knime Website)

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Hi @guyq1997,

I’m working on Amphi which is an micro ETL extension for Jupyterlab. It allows no-code/low-code programming for python pipelines. Having a KNIME-like interface in Jupyterlab is exactly the objective! Please find a presentation here: Introducing Amphi: a new micro ETL extension for Jupyterlab. It’s currently in beta, so it still has a lot of room for improvements to reach something like KNIME, but I’m iterating fast. Would love your feedback so that I can improve it. Github is here.


If you’re looking for notebook workflow orchestration, Elyra is a mature extension package for AI. It provides visual pipeline orchestration of notebooks and scripts.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!