Jupyterlabs extension and UI development in an AWS Kubernetes environment needed

We are looking for a skilled developer who can help us extend and customize Jupyterlab in a Kubernetes environment. The primary technologies are Node.js and Python. We need expert UI creation skills and comfort working on AWS.

Specifically we need to build out an extension of the UI capabilities to allow data sets behind Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETS’s) such as federated learning, to be accessed from within the environment. We are looking for someone who can help out long term.

Fundamentally, JupyterLab (on which Io LabS is built) is designed as an extensible environment. JupyterLab extensions can customize or enhance any part of JupyterLab.

They can provide new themes, file viewers and editors, or renderers for rich outputs in notebooks. The AI Market website is developed as a single page application which uses Java script extensively.

For security reasons Java script is disabled in JupyterLab
The recommended approach to display content that requires Java script is to build an extension that will handle custom mimetypes. The approach to deliver this is outlined in the following article

This extension will provide a file viewer that will enable the user to see content from the main site published directly inside Io Labs. This will also extend the capability of the default launcher page so that the user will see the Ai Market content directly on the startup page when they enter the Io Lab application

The Io Lab launcher will be extended include adding ‘An introduction to ai market’ and ‘my datasets’ as clickable icons within the home page.

If you are interested please reach out directly. Its a great team of nice people and we do not care where in the world you work from.