New to JupyterLab - cannot work with a csv file

Hello, team, I uploaded a csv file to Cognos Dashboard in JupyterLab, but I don’t manage to work with it, the Launcher does not recognize the data. I’m guessing I have not properly uploded the file, I hope someone can send me a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to load such a file. Thanks in advance

csv upload “just works”. Is your file extremely large?
Maybe use a terminal to compare the checksum of original and uploaded files.

Yeah, it’s weird.
No, the file is not large.
I’ll try what you say.
Is there a way to have a detailed step by step procedure of the uploading? I did it with the button at the top, but maybe I need to upload the file to GitHub first.
Thansk for your kind answer.

If your data upload without being corrupted and they are valid csv, this looks like a jupyterlab bug. It might help if you show your csv or a small portion of it that causes the same error.
The upload button never failed when I was using it. Click “Upload Files”, choose file to upload, click “Open”. That’s all.

Just a note that the “Cognos Dashboard” is not a Jupyter project per-se, it sounds like it uses lots of Jupyter pieces (like JupyterLab) but that it’s part of a different organization’s platform. I know that doesn’t help solve your issue, but it might be something worth bringing up with whoever maintains the Cognos product as well

I have recorded a sequence of actions trying to work with a cvs file, so you can see what my problem is. Maybe it helps.
thanks for your interest

From your video, it appears that the problem is related to the cognos platform plugin. I’d check with them.