New Feature Contribution

Hello all!

I am developing a JupyterHub modification and new feature for the Environment Protection Agency. We’re currently testing it, but our end goal is to contribute it back to the official codebase.

The modification allows JupyterHub users to modify the Batch Command in the web application before launching a new job. We’re currently testing it with Slurm, but we’d like to support other batch managers as well.

Is there anyone around who could guide me through contributing the code back to the Jupyter Project?

Hi! JupyterHub is designed to be very extensible. The best way to contribute is to publish a package that extends JupyterHub (or any other components in the Jupyter ecosystem) in a public code repository and package manager such as PyPI or NPM, and advertise it here!

Currently we’re modifying the existing package jupyterhub/wrapspawner! Is there a process for that?

Depending on the extent of your changes your can either open a PR or issue on

However if it’s specific to spawning HPC jobs you’re better off opening an issue on

to discuss where your changes should go since wrapspawner is a very generic wrapper around other JupyterHub spawners.