Need help simples task, i'm newbe

Hi guys i started at jupyter notebook few days ago.

I need help, i have a dataframe py panda. something like dis

Date Stock Volume
01/02 APPL 1.000.000
01/02 YUSS 200.000
01/02 DISN 1.500.000
02/02 APPL 100.000
02/02 YUSS 1.250.000
02/02 DISN 2.000.000
… … …

I need to select the stock that was traded in more than 80% of the days with volume greater than
$ 500.000,00 per day.

I started like this:

def criterio (row):
if row [‘volume’] >= 500000:
return 1
return 0

but i dont know hou to link to stock to see if appeared “1” 80% of the cases to the individually stock; stock.

Would you mind asking at another place like stackoverflow? This forum is not about programming that much.


Oh okay (sorry), sure i will do that, thank you for the warning.