Need consent to include jupyter notebook screenshots in manuscript

I have used jupyter notebook in a project, which was included in a manuscript.
The journal publisher needs consent from jupyterlab stating that it has provided permission for me to include jupyter notebook screenshots in the manuscript.
Who should I email to get consent?

The Jupyter trademarks policy is at Email the trademarks committee at to request a review if you need one.

Just curious, if this was merged into the trademarks guidelines, would it be sufficient for you?

I think I need a written email consent for this.
I had written to but am yet to receive a reply.
I’ll write to, as you have suggested in your earlier post.
Thanks a lot!

I was wondering if this was merged into the trademarks guidelines.
I looked here: Trademark Usage Policy — Project Jupyter Governance
but could not find what I was looking for. I may have missed it.
I also haven’t received a reply from
Would really appreciate advice on how to proceed.


The Jupyter Trademark Usage Policy now has a provision for using images and videos of Jupyter applications in the paragraph “Uses that Never Require Approval”:

Does that paragraph cover your usecase, and is it sufficient for you?