Nbgitpuller autoredirect strange behaviour from inside notebook

I have TLJH set up on a google cloud instance.
I send users to the hub using an nbgitpuller link so that it loads a welcome.ipynb file on launch.

This all works fine. In the welcome file there are other nbgitpuller links for various activities that students can click on. However if you click on one it opens a new tab, syncs the requested repo but does NOT redirect you unless you refresh the page.

Is there something that I need to change in my configuration to prevent this?


Forgot to mention and tag JupyterLab!

TLJH is using the JupyterLab interface and I see this behaviour.
I will try and test it with the classic interface.

Do any of the JupyterLab folks have any thoughts on this one? The issue is being tracked here on the nbgitpuller repo but I think it’s connected to the workspace cloning/redirect behavior of Lab and I’m not up to speed enough on how the loading/redirect behavior works to debug it ATM… Insights welcome and appreciated!

workspace is restored instead of loading requested document via `/tree/notebook.ipynb` · Issue #10876 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub is perhaps related?

Yup @yuvipanda - that’s the one, thanks! Hopefully we can find a solution. Fortuantely the manual workaround is easy to explain, and it doesn’t happen all the time. But it would be better to have it not happen at all, obviously :slight_smile: