Navigating from the TOC, is it broken?

Hiya folks

I have recently invested some time moving to jlab4+nb7 (coming from nbclassic)

I am surprised because it feels like clicking in the TOC does change the active cell, but no scrolling occurs, so in terms of navigation this is not helping !

Is that the intended behaviour ?
Is there a way to quickly navigate (including scrolling to the target cell) ?
Should I open an issue in the jupyterlab repo ?

thanks !

yeah i’ve noticed that too. it depends on the state of your notebook.
if you’ve got the cursor active it works as expected but when no cursor is present (you hit
‘ESC’ or done some cell sorting or what have you) it just marks the specific cells and does not jump.
don’t know if it is inteded, guess not :smiley:

It’s probably not intended.

Let’s open an issue on the JupyterLab repo? And if it’s possible to provide a screencast as well that would be great, thanks!

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done here

@spookster I am not sure I quite understood your description, so please feel free to provide additional context in the issue :slight_smile: