cost updates

Hey all - in our ongoing quest to find Google Cloud credits, I recently updated and re-ran some numbers for our billing on As many folks know, we run Binder as a radically open service, which means being transparent about our costs and usage over time.

You can find an updated and interactive report here:

It uses information from our Binder data repository, which has daily billing data

As well as the Binder launch archive:

Here are some interesting plots!

Our daily cost has gone up in the last few months:

(daily cost)

and this has also correlated with a recently large growth in the number of launches:

(number of sessions averaged over 6 day window)

Which results in a pretty small cost per session (about $.014 per session)

(cost per session over time)

This is largely because of our computing nodes:

(daily cost broken down by category)

That’s it! Hope this has been interesting :sparkles: