Alternative to mybinder?

I’m currently using for its thebelab functionality. That is, I’m starting sessions and interacting with it on a cell-by-cell basis through an API, so that I can embed Binder-powered cells on my website.

Although this has been working great, I now need more compute than is available on The recommendation made in the FAQ is to launch one’s own BinderHub, but apparently the base cost for that is quite expensive, and I don’t really have enough users to justify it.

So, I’m wondering whether anyone knows of a paid alternative to mybinder which provides more compute resources.

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I unfortunately don’t know a ready to go alternative.

One idea that I have though is that you should be able to use a JupyterHub with a fixed image/environment to serve sessions from your website. That is assuming that on your website you don’t need many different environments.

I don’t know of a guide/example to link to but in the end BinderHub talks to a JupyterHub to launch and run the repos. I’d investigate the serverSettings in kernelOptions in the thebe config to start digging into this.

Depending on your compute needs and number of visitors you can then deploy a JupyterHub on a single (small) VM to reduce the costs.

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