My binder repo randomly stopped working

My binder repo stopped launching and appears to give some error when installing packages from apt.txt. Nothing fundamentally has changed with the repo and the repo works fine when I run it locally with repo2docker.

Remote (fails to launch):

Local (works fine): jupyter-repo2docker

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Much the same as reported here. There seems to be a bad pod or something out there in the federation.

Yours builds and launches here, and so the issue isn’t gesis. (Just checked by launching again two hours later and all is good from that link still.)

Usually the solution when nothing in the configuration has changed and nothing substantial has been added to the content or the repo is to try again later.

MyBinder is a free, public service offered by the Jupyter community and there are going to be hiccups now and then that the community members will need time to sort out. There are ways to host BinderHubs yourself, see here or JupyterHubs yourself, such as the Littlest JupyterHub, where you provide resources for those interested in your offering. Other services associated with institutions and government-backed research projects often offer low powered resources that can be share with those with a login. CyVerse that is available for scientists in several countries is an example of such a service. And there are several companies happy to sell you hosting needed to share your content with others.

You may want to look in this forum for posts that come up when you search ‘alternative’ & ‘binder’ or the related ‘alternative’ & ‘mybinder’.

Also consider how much of what you wish to share needs to be run in active Jupyter vs. static viewing via nbviewer would suffice.
Additionally, a limited subset of the typical Python datastack is able to be served from ‘static’ sites via JupyterLite where the computation is actually running on the client computer inside the browser via web assembly.

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