Multiple Terminal Shells in JupyterLab?

Hi there,

Does anyone know if there is a way to have multiple terminals in the launcher to launch different shells?

I want to have one that launches bash and another for zsh.


Anyone have any tips on this? Or pointers to where I can learn more about how to customize the JupyterLab terminal?

If you run jupyter lab --generate-config and inspect the default config it generates, you’ll see this:

## Supply overrides for terminado. Currently only supports "shell_command".
#c.NotebookApp.terminado_settings = {}

So it looks like you can just about customize which shell will be invoked and how (shell_command should be a list, cf. Customizing shell launched by terminal), but I don’t really see an option for having multiple tiles for different shells in the launcher :slight_smile:

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Thanks @dlukes! I’d seen some references to the shell_command options but didn’t understand how to use them. I suppose I could add a second panel with an extension if necessary.

Thanks again!

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I have created a feature request regarding the issue of multiple terminals, something I thought was implemented when I watched this demo video. It simply led me to believe that “full support” included multiple terminals.

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