Multilingual Jupyter Notebook by maintaining separate Markdown text

Hello there,

I wonder whether anybody has come accross some kind of plugin/extension/… for Jupyter Notebooks that would allow Markdown cells to be in several languages, e.g. English and German? When I google that, I only get responses for several programming languages, not natural languages. With a switch on the top the reader could change between the two (or even more) languages as it is common practice for many webpages. Such a feature would make it much easier to use Jupyter Notebooks in mixed groups where people have different mothertongues. Currently I maintain several Jupyter Notebooks in parallel - the programming code is the same, the Markdown cells differ.

Best wishes


I imagine that there could be multiple cells, each with a different language assigned in metadata and then a filter extension that shows only markdown cells matching chosen language. I believe it should be very easy to create such an extension for JupyterLab (adding a toolbar language switch button that would also include “Show all languages” option). The hiding of cells would occur by iterating notebook cells and adding them a CSS hidden class.

I would be happy to help if you decide to create such an extension.

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That sounds like a very concise plan and the proposed implementation should allow a very suitable fallback behavior. I am not an experienced JupyterLab extension developer, so please don’t expect too much from the first draft. If you, @krassowski, currently have capacities and a design idea, I call no dips on that idea. Currently I am rather busy but in the middle of March I could dive into the topic of how to write a JupyterLab plugin.

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I’m a busy too with my weekends taken by another extension, but I would be happy to help if you encounter any issues. Feel free to ping me on GitHub.

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