ModuleNotFoundError: No module name "menuinst"

Hi all,

Yesterday my Windows 10 laptop got an update (not sure if that is the reason for my problem, but it is a bit of a coincidence).
I have been using Jupyter Notebook (JN) with much pleasure and did so by clicking on the icon in the bar below the screen.
All of a sudden it is not starting up. This is the error message:


I have tried finding a solution on the net but no joy. This leaves me wondering if it has to do with the Windows update as I imagine half the planet would have been positing this problem, right?

I have tried starting JN in several ways but no luck.

The following link was also not helping me: This is the error message I got:

C:\Users\User>conda install -c anaconda menuinst
‘conda’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Please help,