Mission statement - TLJH on a Raspberry Pi 4

I’m hoping to setup TLJH on my newly acquired Raspberry Pi 4, but I have a feeling it is harder than I think to get it working properly. But, then I’ll settle for learning a lot and documenting my failure properly.

So far, I’ve learned about the Arm architecture issue and realized that I’m disallowed to use the bootstrap.py installation script as it is explicitly written out that TLJH only supports Ubuntu at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wondering… did you ever pull together a reproducible recipe for running TLJH on an RPi…? Would make for a nice complement to this recent Medium post on getting JH running on RPi (though it starts waayyy down the line for someone who maybe got an new RPi and is wanting to get started from scratch

It grinded to a halt quite quickly sadly, i understood it as it would be hard to run a lot of python stuff in general on ARM. But hmmm i dont know, i lack understanding about how much of the python ecosystem packages would cause issues on ARM, or even if that is a sensible question.

A major recent advance is miniforge. Unlike miniconda, it supports arm64 - so you can install it on RPi. If we can replace miniconda with miniforge, maybe we can get this done?

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