Met "Internal Server Error" when try to list conda package in the console of "jupyter notebook"

conda info:
conda version : 23.7.2
conda-build version : 3.26.0
python version :

OS: ubuntu 22.04

I have created a env and installed necessary packages. When I try to click the env on “conda” table on jupyter notebook console, the system report a error “Internal Server Error”:

and jupyter notebook server gave some error message:
DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool: “GET /anaconda/pkgs/msys2/linux-64/repodata.json HTTP/1.1” 304 0
[E 23:13:22.627 NotebookApp] Uncaught exception GET /conda/packages/available?=1696604212917 (

[E 23:13:22.628 NotebookApp] 500 GET /conda/packages/available?
=1696604212917 ( 435.480000ms referer=

Please help give some advice on this. Thanks.