Looking for a specific Jupyer Notebook Theme

Today I came across a Jupyter Notebook theme I have not seen before but I really liked. I installed jupyter with the requirement.txt that was included for my current task, but in this text file it is only listed as ‘jupyter’
I attached an image of the theme, hopefully someone recognizes it!

Where did the requirement.txt file come from? (It’s usually requirements.txt.) If the installation worked and you didn’t have it before then the theme came from somewhere. Maybe if you share the source repository it would clearer to others?

Yeah right, it is requirements.txt, sorry! That is an assignment from my university, so I am afraid there is no repo, it is the requirements needed for the assignment.

Yes, so then maybe it is a JupyterHub that has been set up? The theme settings could be set in the hub set-up which you don’t have access to. So the requirements.txt is probably separate from those settings and that is why it isn’t offering any insight.

Did you try running %pip list and %conda list in a notebook and see if anything about a theme is mentioned in that list?
Maybe someone else will know where to poke around more to try and determine what theme or CSS is controlling the settings in which you are interested.

Unfortunately I could not find any themes related package in either the %pip list nor %conda list.

I think this not even Jupyter Notebook, but rather ‘nbviewer’ (Jupyter Notebook Viewer).
Unfortunately I do not think those themes exist for Jupyter Notebook or VS Code
Sorry for the inconvenience, that was literally my bad