Creating a new theme in JupyterLab to use in Kubernetes/Binderhub


I am tying to create a new theme for JupyterLab to use with Binderhub. I was wondering if anybody has taken such steps and what is the procedure in doing so.

Any advice would be appreciated.

You can take a look at the built in theme extensions and go from there:

To create a theme you have to create a npm package that declares itself as a npm extension and specifies the theme path:

@andreyodum this might be it

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@arnim That link was great/really useful!

The binder image seems to be following the information here:

That documentation also says that it is possible to manually set a JUPYTERLAB_SETTINGS_DIR environment variable to control where the settings directory is located.

I wonder if there is a smart way to use that fact with a start script to set these themes in the container’s easily (for repo2docker at least I mean: ).