Jupyter themes delete after restart

I use JupyterLab in conjunction with GESIS Notebooks (BinderHub), however, when i install extension (theme) @arbennet/base16-nord, and restart the JupyterLab instance, the theme is deleted. I have to installl the theme every bootup, and i can’t find a way to automate it (and the rebuild also).
Is there a way that i can make the theme persistent?

Where are you launching from?

(GESIS Notebooks)[https://notebooks.gesis.org]
I created an account, and used it, however i can’t find a help portal to explain the issue and get help

Okay. That helps some; however, you’ll want to share what do you do after that or no one is going to be able to help you much. Does the repo you are using as your environment specify installing and enabling the extension you need? If not, each time you restart it, it won’t launch with it there. It will restart with environment defined by the backing repo.

Some generic advice to help you that may or may not be applicable depending on your experience level at this point:
The page you referenced in your last posts states:

“Have a Binder-Ready repository? With GESIS Notebooks, turn this repository into a persistent Jupyter environment, allowing you to continue your analysis from anywhere at any time.”

You’ll want to learn about using Binder in conjunction with an archiving repository such as Github first. The Binder documentation is filled with information to get you started. It sounds like you are not clear how to make a Binder-ready repository. See here in particular. Here is one I set up that uses a widgets extension. You’ll want define an environment and specify what extensions you want to use. The Binder examples page lists a number of other scenarios, too.

Then if after you better understand using Binderhub launched sessions, independent of Gesis notebook (just use MyBinder.org and get things working so your extension is present when you launch), and try Gesis notebooks again & still have a problem, follow the procedures spelled out under I have a question or I have found a bug. Where can I open up an issue? at the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ also linked from that page as ‘FAQ’.

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So i’d need to fork the repo and modify it so it will install the theme? OK.