List of Publications about Jupyter?

Hi all,

Is there a master list of scientific publications about Jupyter somewhere?

I’m working on a small project right now to improve language creation within Jupyter Notebooks, and I’d like to make sure I’ve covered all the literature.

As well, we’ve made a scientific workshop publication (title and abstract below), and I’d like to get this paper on the list for anyone who’s interested.


Oakes, Bentley James, et al. “The Computational Notebook Paradigm for Multi-Paradigm Modeling.” 2019 ACM/IEEE 22nd International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems Companion (MODELS-C) . IEEE, 2019.

Computational notebooks are gaining widespread acceptance as a paradigm for storage, dissemination, and reproduction of experimental results. In this paper, we define the computational notebook paradigm (CNP) consisting of entities and processes and discuss how the reproducibility of the experimental process and results is enhanced by each element. This paper also details the interactions of CNP and multi-paradigm modeling (MPM), with an aim of understanding how to support MPM within the CNP, and improve the reproducibility aspects of both the CNP and MPM.