Linking JupyterLab and Lumino in Binder

Hi Everyone, I am working on accessibility improvements for JupyterLab. Some of the issues I’m working on require changes to both JupyterLab and Lumino. I’m wondering if it’s possible to get the two repositories linked and running in Binder so my changes can be tested by the wider community.

After reading the documentation I cannot see a way of doing this but I’ve heard it has been done before. Any help would be much appreciated!

A demo of this (with pa11y checking for simple violations) was available at one point:

The file contains all of the complexity of working with jlpm link, plus some… extra weirdness. However, things have likely changed in the ensuing years.

Recently, as binder seems to only be about 80% available these days, there was discussion of encapsulating this in a dedicated repo/bot that turned form-based GitHub issues into never-to-be-merged PRs which (ab)used the ReadTheDocs PR review feature to deploy JupyterLite sites:

No action here yet, but combining this with a low-touch, no-login feedback mechanism (e.g. opt-in comment posting to a google form), would make a very lightweight way to conduct experiments against multiple PRs to collect anonymous, simple data (e.g. Likert scales) and free input.


Dear @m158261, what is Lumino?

lumino is core library of interactive components that jupyterlab is extended from. sometimes, improvements to jupyterlab can be made in lumino which means they impact any application using lumino. GitHub - jupyterlab/lumino: Lumino is a library for building interactive web applications

Thank you everyone who posted. I have built upon Michal Krassowski’s solution with a public Gist that links JupyterLab and Lumino. This Gist can then be run using Binder. I’ve put more details of setup in the readme.

Please have a look and let me know what you think.