Lesson: "NameError: name 'load_from_tsfile' is not defined" happended when the corresponding import statement was not executed

I had a strange error in a notebook of “NameError: name load_from_tsfile is not defined”
I had the statement from sktime.datasets import load_from_tsfile above the cell where I referred to load_from_tsfile and got the error.

When I asked my question with the error message, I found a topic of “NameError: name 'function2' is not defined”, it remind me to check if the import statement had actually been executed.
It turned out it had not been!
The reason that it had not been was that the cell was of type “Raw”, not “Code”!

This is my lesson:

  1. Only cell of “Code” type can be executed.
  2. When a cell is executed successfully, there should be a number, e.g. "[15]:’ in front of the cell. It’s the number of times, the cell being executed.

I wish that the type of a cell can be more clearly marked by background color for example, to avoid my mistake.