Notebook crashing with errors

Error while importing package for Labs: ModuleNotFoundError " no module named skillsnetwork"
NameError, “name skillsnetwork is not define”

Please read and follow how to post in such forums. See Getting good answers to your questions and ‘How do I ask a good question?’ on StackOverflow. Look at questions and answers with solutions and follow those.

Did you follow the directions here? Open a new notebook and in a new cell run %pip install skillsnetwork in your notebook and then restart the kernel and run import skillsnetwork in another cell in that notebook? Note the magic symbol, % at the start of the command. That helps insure the installation occurs in the correct environment where the kernel is running.

Just a few of the issues with your post:

  • Your title is very general and inaccurate. A crash means things completely stop working. Encountering an error when you run your Python code is not a crash. The python kernel is probably still running and ready for you to run good code after encountering that message maybe? Writing a good title will help your future posts get attention from people knowledgeable about your issue.

  • You don’t include what you are running. Just a snippet of the error you see.

  • What you describe seems to be run by IBM and you should probably be seeking support from the administrators of the system first.