LearnR Interactive Tutorials using Binder

I am currently making interactive tutorials using the LearnR package in R. The LearnR package allows users to create interactive tutorials within an Rmarkdown file, and directly interact with them either through the Viewer pane of Rstudio, or by posting the app directly to shinyapps.io. However, I want put these interactive tutorials in a binder badge on Github where viewers can directly go through the coding tutorials themselves.

I tried to get this set up on binder using the following instructions: https://github.com/alan-turing-institute/the-turing-way/blob/5e570de2d3b26b77bd4f2c0fe15d0db7c21ebd15/workshops/boost-research-reproducibility-binder/workshop-presentations/Binder_and_R_basics.pdf

However, after following these steps, I was only able to open my .Rmd file through Rstudio through binder. While this is great, I really want someone to be able to click a binder badge and immediately be transferred to the interactive tutorial where they can begin working.

Is this possible to do with binder? My assumption right now is that I would have to directly make a shiny app for this to work the way I want, rather than just an .Rmd file.

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I think so too. You can create a Binder badge that takes you directly to a Jupyter notebook but not to a Rmd. This is because we don’t know how to pass the information about which Rmd RStudio should open (in the form of a URL). If someone knows how to do this then it should be easy to add this functionality.