Kubernetes Prerequisite for JuypterHUB in Local Cluster Or Bare Metal

Hi Team,

There are so many docs are available online, but there is no information on the prerequisite/requirement for JuypterHUB.

It will be very helpful, If you can provide the information, As per your learning.

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Atul Yadav

There is a dedicated guide to installing JupyterHub on Kubernetes using Helm:
Obviously if you already have a Kubernetes cluster you can skip the first section.

Any additional requirements depend on what your requirements of JupyterHub are, since it’s very flexible and extensible with lots of customisations you can make.

Hi ,

We followed the steps but it’s not having the information on juypterhub with kubespawner.

If you can provide the config.yaml file as a reference. it will be helpfull.

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Atul Yadav

This page explains what should go into your config.yaml when running on GKE: https://zero-to-jupyterhub.readthedocs.io/en/latest/setup-jupyterhub/setup-jupyterhub.html, basically just proxy.secretToken.

If you’re still stuck please provide as much information as you can about your setup, what you’ve tried, and what is or isn’t working. This will make it more likely that someone can help you.

Hi Manics,

thank you for response.
We are looking to deploy the juypterhub server.with Kubespawner
OS: Ubuntu
External NFS Storage: User Home Data

We are facing issue in creating the config.yaml with below requirement.
Multi Image Selection from docker with H/W resources
NFS mount point as a user home directory.

Thank You
Atul Yadav