JupyterHub on Kubernetes with Kubespawner

Hello Community,

I am trying to set up my Jupyterhub with Kubernetes (Kubespawner) on my MAC OS (Big Sur version 11.3.1) but it gives me an unexpected timeout error. I tried keeping a limit on this to 60 sec but still, it fails to spawns my notebook instance. It faces the same issue when I try with dockerspawner. It absolutely works fine with systemd with PAM authentication. I am trying to fix this issue but not sure if I configured something wrong here. Any inputs would be helpful.

Attaching some logs and images:

Using kubespawner against a k8s cluster is quite tricky. You probably want to make use of the JulyterHub Helm chart, or use it to generate templates you install if you dont want to use helm.

See z2jh.jupyter.org for more info about this.

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