Keep JupyterHub usernames / passwords in a Google Sheet


In September 2016, while the world was a little less intense than just now, I apparently had the brilliant idea to let users authenticate to a JupyterHub with a username / password set by admins on a google sheet. I apparently wrote the code and published it, but didn’t publicize it too much - probably because the subsequent few months were very depressing for many reasons.

I’ve found it again today! Presenting, jupyterhub-remotecsv-authenticator. It should still work on latest JupyterHub.

People shouldn’t use this authenticator. nativeauthenticator is much better, and you should use that instead.

Fun blast from the past :slight_smile:


Hmm, for some reason the link in your post for nativeauthenticator doesn’t work. Here’s the full link:

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