JupyterLab Tabular Data Editor (Intern Project)

Hello everyone! :wave:

My name is Ryan, and I’m working with Kalen Goo and Logan McNichols on developing a JupyterLab tabular data editor extension!

We are currently in the process of implementing basic functionality such as cell editing and adding columns/rows. We are seeking feedback on how we might create a better data editing experience.

We would love to hear your thoughts on some questions we have:

  1. What features would you expect to have on a data table editing toolbar?

  2. What features would you expect to have in a context (right-click) menu?

  3. What features/ tools will be most helpful when working with large data sets (data sets with millions of entries)?

  4. Other than filtering by values, what other filters would you want when filtering your data (e.g., filter by conditions, filter by color)?

Thank you for taking the time to read our post! Let us know if you have any additional comments or questions!

Learn more about our project here

edit-cell copy


Just being able to do basic editing on a very large CSV would be great! I just tried it with a 100MB CSV (196609 rows) and it opened fine. However I checked my browser dev tools and it looks like it loads the entire file into the browser, and if you make changes it’ll send the entire file back to the server- in my case this failed as the size of the response is too large for the proxy in front of JupyterHub (Invalid response: 413 Request Entity Too Large).


Hi Simon! That sounds like a significant problem. I hope there is a fix for that soon. This will probably be beyond the scope of our project though unfortunately. We’re mainly focusing on the UI/UX side of things.

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