Jupyterlab or notebook in Archlinux bugs

My OS is Archlinux, I have installed Jupyterlab from Archlinux community.

My problem is, no matter in Jupyterlab or Jupyter notebook, I cannot set it to auto close the bracket, even after purging out every setting files and reinstall them.

Another problem is that, any keystrokes except the arrows do not work if the plugin axelfahy/jupyterlab-vim is on.

I have thought that it was a problem of the browser firefox, then I tested chromium, same problems were still there.

How can I get everything to work? Auto close the bracket and use the plugin axelfahy/jupyterlab-vim .

I have tested different web browsers, the problem is always there. So I think it is rather a problem of my operating system than a problem of Jupyterlab. Anyway, if some one has similar experience, please give me some hints about how to solve this problem.