JupyterLab launching with multiple kernel sessions

I am launching from the terminal with “jupyter lab file.ipynb” or “jupyter lab” or launching from KDE Dolphin and I always have several “kernel sessions” open up. Is there a way to manage which ones will launch by default? It is annoying to shut them all down manually at each start up.

(I don’t know if it is relevant, but they’re julia kernels.)

Many thanks in advance!

The first time you need to select a kernel. After selection, you can run to verify the correct operation. Then do a File => Save Notebook, OR save by hitting the floppy disk icon at the top left hand side of your window. When Jlab saves your .ipynb, it writes back a metadata section with kernelspec.

So the next time you select run jupyter lab myfile.ipynb, it will be able to pick up the kernel you were using. I have verified that it works on my Mac. (It also work when you are having a running jlab, and simply click to open an existing .ipynb).