JupyterLab JS API - Insert Cells?

With Notebook Classic, there was a JS API I could communicate with (when IFramed) that allowed me to insert cells, retrieve the state of the entire notebook, etc. Does that same JS API exist for JupyterLab? I am having trouble finding an internet resource detailing this API.

This might work? GitHub - jtpio/ipylab: Control JupyterLab from Python Notebooks with Jupyter Widgets 🧪 ☢️ 🐍

That API sounds intriguing. Do you know where it might be documented?

@jasongrout do you mean the Notebook Classic JSAPI?

Yes, sorry for the confusion, I was replying to the original post. Is that classic notebook js API documented somewhere?

Let me be more clear…are you talking about a postMessage API, or do you mean a global js object that you were able to interact with?