Jupyterlab directing to /tree on notebook upgrade

Using zero-to-k8s when I upgrade notebook to 7.0.0 (from 6.5.5) logins are directed to /tree rather than /lab

  defaultUrl: ...

Described in Customizing User Environment — Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes documentation seems to lose its effect. defaultUrl does seem to work with notebook 6.5.5

Upgrade helm chart by vivian-rook · Pull Request #317 · toolforge/paws · GitHub has the changes I’m making where I’m seeing this if I bump up the notebook version.

I didn’t see anything in the notebook changelog suggesting a breaking change of this type. What am I missing? I would like logins to continue to be directed to /lab

Thank you!

There’s an issue on the notebook repo:

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Currently investigating the issue in Remove `RedirectHandler` by jtpio · Pull Request #6997 · jupyter/notebook · GitHub


Ah very good! Thank yinz!

FYI a new 7.0.2 release of notebook is available and should fix the redirect issue: Release v7.0.2 · jupyter/notebook · GitHub