JupyterLab 3.6.0 is released!

JupyterLab 3.6.0 Release

Here are the new cool features available in JupyterLab 3.6.0:

  • Real-time collaboration rework
  • Notifications
  • Terminals enhancements
  • Various highlights
  • Performance improvements

The full changelog is available there.

:busts_in_silhouette: Real-time collaboration rework

The major work done for 3.6.0 is an important rework of the experimental real-time collaboration feature.

In real-time collaboration mode, the current user identity is
highlighted in the top right corner. And you can see all connected
users in a new side panel. You can even click to their name to jump
their current position.

See the documentation for more information and requirements.

:mega: Notifications

Notifications in JupyterLab are now a thing. At start up, you will notice a toast asking your consent to get news from Jupyter and to check if an update is available:

An annoucement will only be shown as a toast the first.

Announcements feature

More information to customize the behavior can be found there.

You can disable this popup either by creating an overrides.json file with:

  "@jupyterlab/apputils-extension:notification": {
    "fetchNews": "false"

Or disabling notifications plugin altogether by running:

jupyter labextension disable "@jupyterlab/apputils-extension:announcements"

:desktop_computer: Terminals enhancements

  • New context menu entries to copy and paste (support varies between browsers)

Copy-paste terminal selection

  • Links are now clickable in the terminals.

Hoora to Mladen Gibanica for contributing with this feature.

Links in terminal

:sparkles: Various highlights

:racing_car: Performance improvements

  • Improved performance of menus which are now positioned in compositor
  • Improved output rendering times
  • (opt-in) Faster tab switching

To enable faster tab-switching on Chromium browsers (and experimentally on latest Firefox version) you can go to “Settings” → “JupyterLab Shell” and switch the “hiddenMode” to “contentVisibility”. Feedback on performance and behaviour of this feature is welcome.

Edited to add how to disable the pop-up and to add performance improvements section


You can try real time collaboration on Binder :arrow_right: Binder

  • Real-time collaboration rework is not shown for us while * Notifications are shown. Users icon is not shown, we are using Azure AD enabled with jupyterhub. is that the reason it is not shown?
    Please respond.

Real-time collaboration is an opt-in feature as described in the documentation linked in the post above which also contains the list of requirements and actions needed to enable it: Real Time Collaboration — JupyterLab 3.6.1 documentation

If something does not work please open a new issue on jupyterlab repository GitHub following the bug report template and providing all details needed to understand your problem.

Is “Announcement” feature an extension that we can uninstall?
(I’m running JupyterLab in Docker container with `jupyter labextension disable “@jupyterlab/apputils-extension:announcements”)