Jupyterhub on AWS EKS - Classic Load Balancer retiring

Per AWS blog, the classic networking model is retiring on Aug 15. As I understand it, the official Helm chart uses CLB. Is there a plan to add support for ELB in the official chart?

Thanks much!

Z2JH uses whatever LoadBalancer is provided by your Kubernetes Cluster, so I’d expect the choice of LoadBalancer and networking model is determined by whoever deploys the K8s cluster. This is one of the big advantages of K8s- it abstracts away a lot of the underlying infrastructure.

@manics, thanks for your quick reply. Just to clarify, the installed template correctly provisions an AWS Classic Load Balancer for the purpose of serving the application. However, since the classic load balancer is reaching end of life soon, the template needs to use an AWS Application Load Balancer instead of the Classic one. I don’t think we are able to override it in the K8 cluster spec. If I’m missing something, could you please point me to some documentation?

Thanks again!

AWs have a (very) long doc on EKS and loadbalancers:

In addition to the above, only classic networking is deprecated, not the classic load balancer: