Jupyterhub kubernetes

I’m now deploying Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes on a Bare Metal Host with MicroK8s.

I’m now tring to customize existing docker image. I have build Docker image and push to Dockerhub.

In the congig.yaml, I have setup the Docker image and run a helm upgrade.

When I change the Docker image and push to Docker hub and run helm update, the change doed not affect to the releae.

In the event log
[Normal] Container image “*****/****:latest” already present on machine

How can I update the Docker image?

You can try changing hub.image.pullPolicy to Always:

However it’s generally a bad idea to use :latest image tags since as you’ve discovered it’s difficult to keep track of which version of an image you’re running, it’s best to use a unique tag for each version of the image.

Thank you.

Now I understand how to do.

Because I’m in early stage of development phase, I’m frequently change the container image. After debagging and testing, I’ll use version number.