Changing the logos of Zero to JupyterHub k8s

Is there any documentation on customizing / changing the jupyter logos?


There’s a config option c.JupyterHub.logo_file:

(note there may be a minor CSS bug which means you need to scroll up to see that property, otherwise it’s hidden behind the page menu header).

Thank you for the response.
Just for me to understand, currently I am using helm to install jupyterhub. How would I put the image on the image/pod?
Edit: or can I use a hyperlink to direct me to the logo file?

Hi @manics

I am trying to achieve the same. Would this be a correct config to use in config.yml?

myConfig: |
c.JupyterHub.logo_file: “URL”

Looking at the source code:

So only a local file is supported.

Thanks @manics

I tried it without success.

Are there any restrictions w.r.t file format, permissions or path?

I am using a png file located in the same folder where I have the config.yml.

Many thanks,

I’m not sure. Have you tried enabling debug logging?

Thanks @manics

Enabling debug didn’t show useful information in this regard.

On the other hand, I found the following relevant issue:

Until a better solution is found the following worked for me:
logoConfig: |
import urllib.request
urllib.request.urlretrieve(“URL”, “mylogo.png”)
c.JupyterHub.logo_file = ‘/srv/jupyterhub/mylogo.png’

Many thanks for your help!

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