JupyterHub implmentation AWS EC2

I am in the process of implementing JHUB on an EC2. The OS is ubuntu. I am using JupyterHub 3.1.0 and Nginx 1.18. Nginx as the reverse proxy per ( [Using a reverse proxy — JupyterHub 3.1.0 documentation]. On the JHUB side, I have c.JupyterHub.bind_url = ‘’ and Nginix to ssl 443 and proxy_pass to the same.

When I try to access the web page, I get 404 not found and in the JupyterHub log I see 302 GET / → /hub/. Ive disabled ufw for now. Any Ideas on where to look next?

Jim Reed

URL: jhub.centennialdatascience.com

Is JupyterHub working if you access it directly on port 8000 (e.g. port forward 8000:8000 over ssh?)

Can you turn on debug logging and share your JupyterHub logs for the full request (i.e. including the logs preceding the actual problem)?

Can you show us your Nginx config and access/error logs?