JupyterHub doesn't allow me to login as another user

I can’t seem to be able to login as another user than myself, on jupyterhub.

I have installed jupyterhub using the standard instructions, and then proceeded to:

jupyterhub --generate-config

I then edited the jupyterhub_config.py with the following entry:


I then restarted jupyterhub by using the command

jupyterhub -f jupyterhub_config.py

However even after erasing all cookies in my browser, I can only login as tbrowne, using my Linux username and password. tbrowne is the current user that is logged into Linux, and under which JupyterHub is running. If by contrast I try to login as jean, even though that user exists, jupyterhub gives me an invalid username or password error.

This is despite the fact that user jean definitely works as I have ssh’d into the box with that ID no problem. Isn’t the default PAM authenticator supposed to allow login using any user? Do I have to add jean to some group or something under Linux for this to work?

Try using sudo to run jupyterhub.