JupyterHub configuration is not reflecting in EMR 6.0

I have installed JupyterHub in EMR 6.0 which by default uses docker container. Everything works fine with default values like 9443 port. If I want to change the port, I update the jupyterhub_config.py in /etc/jupyterhub/config in bootstrap.

docker ps

CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 26b0146ee838 emr/jupyter-notebook:5.7.8 “tini -g – jupyterh…” 3 days ago Up 3 days 8888/tcp,>9443/tcp jupyterhub

The installation is overwriting the jupyterhub_config.py placed in /etc/jupyterhub/conf and taking default settings.

When I try to restart docker container or remove docker container and bring a new container, the JupyterHub does not start at all.

Any idea why the configuration is getting overwritten or to start the docker container for juypterhub in emr 6.0?