JupyterHub, Binder workshop in Oslo, Sept. 5-8

Just wanted to share my thoughts about agenda and topics: I agree with Tim that everything that will be worked on is going to be interesting :-). IMO the core devs should leverage the time to their best use, so the rest of this post is to be taken as less important as the “main BinderHub” developments.

From my side, I want to build two projects with BinderHub:

[ For all of this I need to install my BinderHub on OpenStack, and am not sure I’ll manage to do that before the meeting. ]

I’d love to discuss “my topics” in person for just short bits of time if possible, or selfishly work on them a few hours and get some jump-starting from the experts. I’m also open to take the time and contribute big or small features! Here’s some that I came up with and that could be fun and completable:


I’ve added a hackmd for folks to start filling out the agenda and notes. I included logistics info for getting to the venue, times, etc.

Thanks @minrk - looking forward to the workshop :slight_smile:

I’m interested in a group dinner on Fri/Sat, and Saturday is also fine by me to practice my talk :slight_smile: Thank you for organising, can’t wait to meet everyone! :sparkles:

Hey @minrk just wondering where the venue is tomorrow? The hackmd isn’t super clear, is it in the hotel?

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Sorry it wasn’t clear! Yes, it’s in the hotel, in a room called “Michelsen.” There should be signs marked “Simula” in the morning to point the way. I added this to the hackmd, but I will make it more prominent.

See you tomorrow!


Thank you, see you tomorrow!

I asked this evening. It should be on the 7th floor.

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